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    We, at Flicker Flying, guarantee that your data is completely secure. It should be noted that we might need to disclose your personal information to our business partners, service providers, and product manufacturers (such as those that offer rental automobiles). Accommodations and airline tickets), as they will need your information to continue with the booking of the flight, hotel, and rental car.

    For better internet usage and website browsing, we may gather the following data as you browse our website:

    OS (Operating System), URL and Browser, IP Address, Search History, and Cookie Identifiers

    What information do we gather, and why?

    To full fill our obligations as a travel agency, we collect, use, and disclose personal data. We plan and oversee travel arrangements for the benefit of our clients. Additionally, we learn the following details during our interaction:

    What laws govern the use of personal data and how do we use it?

    What laws and regulations control how we use personal data?

    I) Business:

    A. To perform the duties of a travel agent, consequences if the information required to complete the booking is not provided.

    B. Normally, personal and contact information must be included to complete the travel reservation. Such as payment information, credit card numbers, frequent flyer numbers, dates of birth, and dietary preferences.

    II) Reasonable interests

    The information is used for broader purposes, such as: to give you details of the travel confirmation and updates on your journey, to manage the flight booking, and to enable contact with customer service. Direct marketing communications and the associated profile help us to offer the relevant products and services, including deciding whether to offer you certain products and services or not.

    We use your personal information to send you marketing materials, such as competitions, new products, and special offers. Emails, text messages, and data transmissions are all a part of it. You can let us know if you do not want to receive such information.

    III) With your permission

    In specific circumstances, we commence the data collection with your consent. For instance, if you check a box to receive email newsletters, your personal information may be used to provide you with the necessary information on discounted fares.

    Who do we share your personal information with?

    We divulge the following individuals' personal information:

    Travel bookings are fulfilled by primary suppliers, including car rental companies, airlines, transfer companies, hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, and activity providers.

    How long do we maintain a record of your personal information?

    Your rights

    The following is a list of your legal rights regarding the personal data we handle. You have the right to:

    The Privacy Policy could change in the future. If the privacy policy changes, we will send a letter to the address you have on file or post a notice on the website. You need to stay updated on the Privacy Policy modifications. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you wish to exercise any of the aforementioned rights or if you have any other questions about our privacy policy.

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